Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a
Happy, Healthy New Year 2013
The year started with New Year's eve
visits by two of Bob's children's families.
We enjoyed "First Night" activities with
the grandchildren.    

Isaac, Claudia, Kate and Josh are
constructing face masks.

Cursor over the image to see the
group on the town green.
Maple syruping season was the worst we have experienced.   We produced about 40 % less than the
previous year.   The weather was too erratic and warm for good sap production.  
In late March we drove to Santa Fe by way of Virginia where we visited Bob's sister- in- law, who was
recovering from a stroke, and two of his nieces, Krista and Patricia and their families.   We also spent
some time in St. Louis with Rob, Kate, Carly and Dylan, our new grandson.  Then on to Santa Fe.
The month of April in Santa Fe was very relaxing.  We had a couple of projects to finish off in the condo,  
we walked, ate Southwestern food, and enjoyed  the blue sky and sunshine.     
In May we returned to New Hampshire to
plant our vegetable gardens.  

Here they are later in the summer .  Cursor
over for another vegetable garden.    
Both of Inger's son's families came for
a summer visit.   Chris, Ellen, Carmen
and Spencer went with us to Bar
Harbor for a two day trip.  

Back in NH, Erik, Lynne and Lauren
joined us for a week of swimming and
family fun.  
Hiking on Mt Desert Island
Swimming and water-skiing on lake Winnepesaukee
In June, Bob went to St. Louis to help
Rob with a project and to go to a ball
game.  Can you find Dylan in this
Our autumn was busy with visits from Heather and Martin Keeling, friends from England, who visited with us
and Kirsten and Don.   We also made a trip to No. Carolina to see Bob's two families, the Martins and the
Harrises.  Thanksgiving was spent in NH with Rob and Kate Woerheide and Kate and Pat Chen and their
children.   Christmas will be with the Harrises and Chens in New Hampshire.

Inger continues to be busy as president of the Friends of the Wolfeboro LIbrary, with her gardening, her
group activities, monitoring birthdays for 19 grandchildren, and hosting family events in NH.  Bob has taken
on a new volunteer job as treasurer of a foundation in Wolfeboro.  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those less fortunate, those who have lost dear ones, those who find
the holidays more stressful than joyful, and those who are fighting for freedom around the world.  

We wish you holiday joy and a happy, healthy 2013

Inger and Bob
In September we went back to Santa Fe for a month.    Don and Kirsten Traul visited and hiked with us.   
Inger and  Bob took an O'keefe Museum geology tour around New Mexico learning about the geological
history of the area.    To right is Nambe Lake, 11,000 feet up in the Santa Fe National Forest, and under
that is Ghost Ranch's Kitchen Mesa, with it's white gypsum top.  Gypsum left from when the area was
under the ocean.  Getting to the top of Kitchen Mesa is on Bob's bucket list.  
Don and Kirsten with Inger.   Cursor over for
a view of the White Place in Abiquiu, NM
We hiked up to this Alpine lake in Sept.
Cursor over the picture to see Kitchen Mesa.