Season's Greetings
from Inger and Bob Woerheide
Inger at the evaporator in March .  The sap was plentiful
this year and the syrup had a beautiful color and flavor.
San Cristobal Cathedral in Havana
In April we went to Cuba with a group from the International Folk Art Market organization in Santa Fe  We visited three
cities in Cuba where we saw the sights and visited artists studios.  Sixteen women and two men on the tour, it was a fun group.
Picture of Diablo Canyon
Mouse over for picture
Mouse over for Cuban Band
A typical municipal truck for picking up trash.  This was
Trinidad Cuba, a smaller "colonial town" about 4 or 5 hours
from Havana.  Put cursor over picture for another street view.  
Part of our group on a Sunday drive
Bob with one of the artists we met in Cuba.
Cursor over picture for dinner entertainment.
Most of the cars are from the 1950's.   These convertibles, waiting
in front of our hotel, are used as taxis. Cursor over picture for our
Sunday afternoon joyride.
The front entrance to Ernest Hemingway's home in Cuba.  
Hemingway living room.   Docent standing guard.
Walls of Carcassonne
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In June Bob went to St. Louis for a visit with Rob and Kate
and family.  They went to a Cardinal game, and here they
are at the Missouri Botanical Garden's indoor tropical garden.
Carly and Dylan are at the waterfall.
This was Inger's official birthday - three quarters of a
century - on July 4th.  A celebration with family and
friends took place later in the summer.   
Chris, Ellen, Spencer, Carmen and Inger on our visit to
the Maine seashore.
Isaac, Claudia and Josh Chen in our yard on Columbus day  
Mont Saint Michel was very interesting.  We climbed to
the top and explored the monastery.  Move your cursor
over the picture for a view of one of the streets in the
town below the monastery.
Carcassonne in the south of France, a double walled city,  
originally a Roman hilltop fortress, enlarged by Visigoths in the
5th Century.  Cursor over picture for a closeup.
10,000 American soldiers are buried here in Normandy.
Place cursor over the picture for another view.
In Normandy the Pointe Du Hoc, seen here, lies between Omaha beach
and Utah beach.  The Pointe was Germany's most fortified line of
defense in Normandy.   U.S. Army Rangers scaled these cliffs.  
After dinner on our last night in Paris.   We dined with
Ann Daley and Jack Emerson, friends from Denver who
happened to be in Paris at the same time as we.   
The last stop on our trip was in Paris where we stayed for a
couple of extra days.   This photo shows the newest fad in
Paris, attaching a padlock to the railing on one of the bridges
over the Seine.  This signifies that you and your loved one
will stay together forever.  We know the padlocks at least
will be there forever.   There are tens of thousands of them.  
In September we went to France for a tour of the Loire valley, Mont Saint Michel, Normandy and Paris.
This isn't Indiana Jones, it's a picture of Bob
standing at a waterfall on the Tesuque Creek
Diablo Canyon Trail to the Rio Grande.  
Cursor over picture for a view of the canyon.  
Lunchtime at 10,000 feet on the La Vega Trail at the base of
Santa Fe Baldy.  One of our goals this year was to do more
hiking while we were in  New Mexico.
Dear Family and Friends,

After a busy year, we are home in New Hampshire and looking forward to winter.   This year
we traveled, gardened, and enjoyed visiting with family and friends.    The year began as
usual with winter activities leading up to tapping our maple trees and producing maple syrup.
We enjoyed the week of Thanksgiving in North Carolina with Bob's daughter's families, the Martins and the
Harrises.   Alas, no pictures because Bob left his camera in the hotel room every day.     

The weather has produced two good snow storms already this December.  It may be a long snowy winter.   
Come visit if you get to New Hampshire.  

We wish you all a joyous Christmas and a very happy, healthy New Year.

Inger and Bob
We went to Santa Fe in April and October.