Last winter was unusually cold, limiting
outdoor activity and maple sugar production.
Our maple sugaring hobby yielded about 15
% of our usual amount.  One needs cold
nights and warm days. The days were never
warm enough to get the sap running.    
We didn't get a letter out before Christmas because of a web-hosting problem.   I was thinking that
we would skip a year but we decided we should let friends know that we are alive and well and had
a good 2014.  
We went to Santa Fe for the month of
April and were joined by our Seattle
grandchildren, Carmen and Spencer
Oldham.   We showed them some of our
favorite hiking spots and restaurants.    
In June we spent a week in Nova
Scotia,  celebrating our 20th wedding
anniversary.   Shown are a couple of
shots of Halifax where we spent most
of our time.  (Cursor over the park
picture) .  
Lynn, Lauren, and Erik Oldham visited
us in New Hampshire in July.  
Chris, Spencer, Carmen, Ellen, and
Inger at Saint Gauden's estate, on a
day trip to see the sculptors home and
Visits by Inger's grand-niece and
grand-nephew, Lydia Rose and
Joseph.  (Cursor over to see Joseph)   
Back to Santa Fe in September.  Above are photos of hiking at the Tent
Rocks State Park.  (Cursor over the one on the right.)     
Back to New Hampshire for the fall and winter.  Thanksgiving with friends here in Wolfeboro.  A wonderful
visit with all of Bob's family and grandchildren in RI after Christmas.  
We also watched our home get re-stuccoed
and painted.  Looks like new.  
Thank you for all of your holiday cards, notes and letters.  We delight in hearing from you and seeing pictures of your
families.   We hope you have a wonderful 2015.   

Bob and Inger
A game of Capture the Flag with the Chen, Harrises, Martins
and Woerheides.   December 27th in Rhode Island.
More presents for the young ones.