Last winter was a cold snowy one.   We got
the cross country skis out along with the
snowshoes.   A highlight was an impromptu
snowshoeing party with friends down in our
woods, and then lunch.     

Another year has gone by much too quickly.   It's already Christmas time.   We are looking forward
to the arrival of two of Bob's families on Christmas day.    
Here we are on our showshoes.   The winter was
exceptionally cold, so we spent a lot of time indoors.
Last year the weather made sugaring  
difficult, so the  yield was disappointing.  
The sugar shack is ready for another go
this coming spring.  
On our way to Santa Fe for our April
stay we stopped in St. Louis to visit
Rob.    The spring flowers were
abundant in the botanical gardens.  
In March we visited friends in Florida
for warm weather and good company.   
Did some fishing and kayaking.
Lots of birdiwatching  opportunities.  
This fellow followed  us
around looking for a handout.
Chris, Ellen, Spencer and Carmen came in July
for their annual visit.   Always enjoyable. Here we
are going for a cruise on Lake Winnipesauki in
an old "woody"  Christ Craft.   

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and healthy joyful New Year.   Please put us
on your "to visit" list.  We would love to see you.

Bob and Inger
In October we went back to Santa Fe for a month.  This year the weather was wetter than usual, which is good for a place
that only gets 11 inches of rain a year.  

I did some skeet shooting and we hiked at a couple of our favorite places.  The Aspen groves were magnificent.  Inger's
daughter Kirsten came to visit and we hiked Tent Rocks Park.  Cursor over Bob and Kirsten.