A Holiday Greeting and Pictorial Review of 2004

This has been a busy year for us,
travel wise, with lots of memorable events.
We had two family weddings, two graduations,
a 40th birthday party, family visits to our
place in New Hampshire, and a couple of
vacations for Inger and me.

We put our house in Connecticut on the
market this year, finally deciding that we
just couldn't be
in two places enough to
enjoy them both. The gardens in CT required
more up-keep than Inger had time for.

We bought a condo for our CT visits
and are in the process of up-dating it.
We enjoy our time in CT, but we expect
to spend most of the year in New
where our life is very active with new friends
and lots to do.

Son Rob and Kate Freas were married in
San Marcos, California in July. Kate is

a wonderful gal. She has been a
part of our family for about six years.


Kirsten Traul (Inger's daughter) received her
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at a ceremony
in New York City in June. Here with husband Don.
We had three days in NYC with all of the Oldhams
to celebrate the occasion.


Inger and I went to Italy in late September
and had a great time. Here we are at the
Trevi fountain in Rome.


We finally bought a used tractor, pictured here
with my other important means of transportation.
This John Deere tractor has a much needed bucket
in front and a backhoe (not attached at the time of
this picture). It will be great to have a tractor to
do the heavy work around our place.

Someone recently asked me if I missed work
after three years of retirement and I answered
that I did, I miss the people I worked with at the bank and the fun of making credit
decisions. I still feel very connected to the business world, but am content to be on the sidelines. I am enjoying retirement very much.

I hope this greeting finds you well and
enjoying the
holiday season. May your
2005 be
healthy, happy and prosperous.

Warmest Regards,




Got this picture of my four children at Rob's wedding.
They live on opposite shores of the country, so this
was an occasion for a photo.
From Left - Kate, Amy, Rob, Jenny.


Inger and I with grandchildren Carmen and
Spencer Oldham. With their Mother Ellen,
they visited us in New Hampshire, helping with
vegatable gardens and other fun jobs.

We ended our Italian trip in Venice and found new
maze learning skills in this city of canals and
alleyways. It is facinating to see life's daily routines
carried out on water. That's the local bus
to the right in this picture of the Grand Canal.


We have a wide expanse of sky in New Hampshire
and frequently have glorious sunsets for our viewing
pleasure. We love visitors and if you get up our way,
please come see us.