Merry Christmas - Happy Chanukah - Felice Navidad

and a very happy New Year


2005 has been a year of construction projects. We sold our Madison house in January and spent a month cleaning out the house and outbuildings. Concurrently, we began remodeling the condo we bought there a couple of years ago. We finished in March and moved some furnishings into the condo and some into storage for our future use in New Hampshire.

In late March we flew to Key West for some R and R.

Chickens are given free rein in Key West and wander the streets cleaning up the bug population. This hen and her chicks wandered under the tables at this restaurant looking for foodscraps - much to the delight of the children present. We biked and did the Hemingway things, drank mojitos and soaked up the warm sun. A delightful week away from the chilly New England spring.

We left Madison in April for New Hampshire and a construction project we had been planning for a year or more. The place needed some upgrading to accomodate us on a year round basis.

We finally got underway in August. The existing house is obscured by the additions in this picture. To the left, out of the picture, is our "barn" which we are connecting to the house for easy access during the winter. Just like in the old days, when people had to get out to feed the animals. In our case there are no animals, just my workshop and office, Inger's studio and a spare bedroom and bath.

As the year ends, the project is about 80 % complete, and we are 100 % tired of living in a state of disarray. We will move into our new master bedroom next week and by the end of January, hopefully, we will have restored peace and quiet to the place. We will no longer have to stay at home to answer construction questions.



We cancelled a couple of trips this year which we had planned, as Inger's new kitchen was installed the week we were to be in Sante Fe and the four corners area. We are rescheduling that one.

We did have family visit us in New Hampshire.

Here are grandchildren Carmen and Spencer at our local goat farm where we get goat cheeses and frozen goat yogurt.

Despite our cramped living space we had eleven guests staying with us for Thanksgiving, including daughter Kate and family, and the Meiers, our neighbors from Connecticut. We did our usual hearth cooked dinner.

We were entertained by our guests with their violins, flute and voices.

I took a genealogical trip back to St. Louis earlier in the year, and learned more about my grandparents and great grandparents. Son Rob flew in to be with me and we enjoyed a week with each other. It was a repeat of our trip in 2004. We met a 92 year old cousin of mine who is in wonderful health and was able to help with some family history.



We wish all of our friends and family a joyful holiday and a healthy, happy 2006. There are many we missed seeing in 2005 and we hope that our paths will cross in 2006.

Bob and Inger