A pictorial review of the year 2008
The beginning of 2008 gave us one
snowstorm after another.
Our snow blower got a lot of use last year.  We
had the most snow in recorded history, and I had
the sore muscles to prove it.  
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Inger did her usual great job getting her gardens
in shape.   She belongs to two garden clubs in
town.   Every year it seems Inger creates another
flower garden in the yard.   
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Inger had her 70th birthday with a party and family
reunion.  All of her immediate family joined us as well as
nephews, nieces, grandnieces, and friends.   Her health
and energy level make her act and feel more like 50.   
She says age is all in the mind.  
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In September we visited my two No. Carolina families.  
I'm  playing in the Martin family pool with newest Harris
grandson,Tommy.  Granddaughter Melanie Martin is
getting a piggy back ride. I had another Martin
grandson, Joby, born this year, and a great grandson,
Finn Moran.
Inger and I are very happy in our New Hampshire home.  
She has many friends with which to share her love of
gardening, and this year she became the president of
Friends of the Library.   She volunteers with several other
organizations.  She has also returned to her pottery studio
in our barn to work with the clay.    I continue my volunteer
work as treasurer of the Friends of Music, serve on the
church vestry, belong to a photography club, and do lots of
odd jobs around the farm.  Our families are all well and our
grandchildren continue to delight us.  We have an active
social life that grows as we make new friends.   Visit us if
you come to New Hampshire.

February 2008
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As a new activity for us, we tapped our sugar
maples to make maple syrup. We produced  6
gallons of pure New Hampshire maple syrup.  It is
delicious.  We have evidence that the owners of
this old farm tapped some of the same trees 100
years ago.  Click on picture to see more.
May to November
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This cabin  is a quarter mile down in our woods,  
something I have wanted to build  for some time.  In
May I put in the foundation and then worked on it
through the summer, helped sometimes by my good
neighbor, Andy, to the point where it is now closed in
and winter-resistant. To see, move cursor over
picture.   Next spring I will put the Clapboards on - in
time for the grandchildren to use it.
September - October
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We spent two weeks in Santa Fe and other parts of
New Mexico.  We discovered Ghost Ranch - took a
good hike up a canyon.   We enjoy the food and the
scenery in that part of the country.  

We attended the Albuquerque Balloon Festival while
there - great fun.   Click on picture below for more.  
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Thanksgiving in St. Louis
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Son Rob and his wife, Kate, are expecting their
first child  in March.     We had a great visit with
them  in St. Louis for Thanksgiving and Kate's
..Click here to view Inger's Holiday Greeting