Wishing you Joy and Peace This Christmas Season
and a Happy Healthy New Year 2012
Last Christmas we went to Santa Fe to enjoy the holidays  there.   It is a fun place to be with lots of
Christmas spirit.  The Christmas Eve walk on Canyon Road is very colorful and festive with  lights, farolitos,
luminairies, carolers, hot chocolate and crowds.    We enjoyed our first winter experience out there, the
weather was mild, we visited with neighbors, enjoyed our new quarters and continued to furnish and
decorate the condo.   This year we are enjoying Christmas in New Hampshire.
December - Lights on the Plaza in Santa Fe.
December - Bosque del Apache Wildlife Preserve
(Woods of the Apache)
March - Inger pouring sap into the wood-fired evaporator.
Returned home in January for our winter respite - winter in the woods, reading, in our workshops, doing
our volunteer jobs and being with friends.     Then to the sugar house to produce maple syrup.  It was
the most productive year to date.
January and Februatry - A snow-shoe trail in our woods.
In April we drove to Santa Fe to oversee a new patio, do
more decorating and finish furnishing the condo.  
On our return to New Hampshire in May we stopped in St. Louis for a visit
with Rob, Kate and Carly.   Rob is in his last year of graduate school
getting a masters degree in Education and busy subbing at schools in
Webster Groves.   Kate works at Washington University.  Carly loves to
go to the zoo and visit the animals.
Carly, sitting on the wall, with Rob at the sea-lion lagoon
We spent a long Memorial Day weekend at Fripp Island in So. Carolina
celebrating Bob's 75th birthday.  Ten adults and 14 grandchildren.  We
rented two large houses on the beach, had lots of sunshine and lots of
The children spent most of their time on the beach.
In July we returned to Santa Fe for a folk art festival, and
asked Natalie and Samantha Harris, Bob's granddaughters,
to join us.  We enjoyed a 4th of July pancake breakfast on
the Plaza and showed the girls around New Mexico.  A large
forest fire closed down most of the parks in Northern New
October found us in England for the wedding of a family friend, Heather and her fiance Martin Keeling,where
we enjoyed meeting their families   Enjoyed some time in London while there, with Inger's daughter Kirsten
and husband Don, who also  attended the wedding.

Then on to Paris for a week to visit some museums and enjoy some good fall weather.   
Notre Dame
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September 28th - Kate and Rob had a baby
boy, Dylan Robert Woerheide.   He (and sister
Carly) join three previous generations of
Woerheides born in St. Louis.   It's a great  
place to grow up.   

Aren't they beautiful !
We are both healthy and happy with our busy lives.  We hope all of our friends and family have a joyous Christmas
and a happy, healthy, prosperous new year.   May the new year bring more peace to the world.

Bob and Inger
August - We loved our summer visit with Ellen, Chris,
Carmen and Spencer.   They help us catch up on
projects left undone, along with some swimming and
family fun.  I can't find my pictures from summer.   
Sightseeing in London
Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico