Season's Greeting and Our Best Wishes For a Joyous
Holiday and Very Happy and Healthy New Year 2011

Our Year in Review
I went to St. Louis in May to visit Rob, Kate and Carly.  We
went to the zoo, one of the best in the country.  Here's
Carly on the Merry Go Round, Mom helping.  We also
enjoyed Thanksgiving with them on our way back from
Santa Fe to New Hampshire.
Granddaughter Natalie visited us in July.  Here is Natalie with Inger on a
whale watching trip.  Saw a Mother whale with young one, but no
breaching whales to photograph.
In April we spent two nights in Boston
enjoying the spring weather, went to a
concert, dined and shopped.  
Then we spent a few days with friends in
Naples Florida.  Viewed wildlife in the
We sugared again this year and even though we increased the
number of buckets, production was down.  Gathering the sap was
easy as the snow wasn't as deep as the year before.
When I was 10 we used to get elephant rides at this zoo.   
Couldn't find any staff there that remembered those days.  
They wouldn't do that now.   Imagine the liability.  
The Oldhams came in August for their annual visit to New Hampshire.   A great time as usual.  We took
Spencer and Carmen to the Monkey Trunks park for some climbing fun, visible in the left photo.   They are
also at the top of the pole in the right-hand photo.
In May we traveled with Erling and Sandy Onsager to Memphis for
a long weekend of blues music, southern cuisine and Elvis.
We had to see Graceland while there, interesting and
Beale Street - Memphis
Ground Zero for Blues
We went to Santa Fe in October for a couple of weeks and hiked at
Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM, shown here.     
Inger, Spencer and I spent two days on Monhegan Island off
the coast of Maine.   A summer artist colony, transportation
by foot and lots of natural beauty.
We spent a few nights with Inger's college roomate at her home
on Long Island.  We had a great time with her and friend John.
We went to two shows on Broadway, and had some delicious
meals.  Inger and I spent another day doing museums.  
Roll mouse over for close-up of the singing shadow man.
Times Square
In November we drove back to Santa Fe, to close on the casita
pictured above, and to furnish it.  The weather was wonderful.   
We are going to be there for Christmas and New Years to enjoy
the special holiday activities there.  
We are still in good health and enjoying New Hampshire.   Our families are well and grandchildren and great grandchildren are
growing.   We have been fortunate to see many of our friends, recent and from our past, during the year.   I continue to work on
the lathe to perfect my bowl making, and Inger's gardens continue to expand.  

Please come visit if you can.  Our guest bedroom was remodeled and is now bright and airy.   We welcome visitors  

Our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

Bob and Inger