This is now a New Year's Letter
2017 was a good year for us    Bob is back to par after his surgeries  in 2016.  He's
resumed h
is normal activities. In March we collected sap and made maple syrup.   
In May, Inger's nephew Per Onsager and his girlfriend Phoenix
Seymour visited us.  A great visit with a delightful couple who
announced their engagement a few days ago.
In June, we met  Inger's grandaughter from Seattle,
Carmen Oldham, as she came through on her way to
France. After a day touring Boston we took her to the
airport  where she  met the group with whom she was
traveling .  
Bob's daughter, Amy, and four of her children visited,
and participated in the sap boiling process.  The
enjoyed the snow  which they don't get much of in No.
In June we went to No. Carolina to to visit the
Martins and the Harrises and to attend Grace
Martin's high school graduation.
In July we took a Road Scholar tour to St. Petersburg, Russia. An interesting and
educational trip. It is a huge city with magnificent buildings.  Much larger than we
St. Petersburg is a city of rivers and
canals.  Here is photo of the Neva River.
This is the Hermitage and Winter
Palace.  It has been enlarged five
times since Peter the Great built in in
the Eighteenth Centry.
This is the Summer Palace of
Catherine I and Catherine the Great.
This is Peterhof, the summer palace of
Peter the Great, on the Bay of Finland.   
Granddaughters Natalie and Samantha
Harris came for a visit in June. Here we are
at the Flume in Northern New Hampshire.
We went to Santa Fe for the month on
September.  Inger's daughter Kirsten and
husband Don joined us for a week.  We
hiked the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rock
National Monument.
We went back to Grande Valle Caldera
for a picnic.  Awesome scenery.
We continue to enjoy life in Wolfeboro. Some of our friends are choosing to move to warmer climates or retirement
communities but for now we are staying put.  We are both active in the community, enjoy our gardens, our bridge
groups, our book clubs and entertaining visiting family and friends.  

We wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year.  Please come and see us if you are in New Hampshire.     
We were told that St. Petersburg has only 60
days a year where the sun shines all day.  We
were fortunate to have good weather for the
week we were there.