Friends and Family - welcome to a tour of our home in Santa Fe.  You will note that some of
these pictures were taken in different seasons of the year.     
Street in front of our home.   The trees on sidewalk side of wall are directly in
front of our casita.  
Entranceway from street and a view of our place.  
Our front door facing the parking areas.  The gate to the courtyard is closed and you can
see the front door inside a little courtyard.  Each unit has two parking spaces.  
Our unit is free standing.  The building in this photo is all our condo.  The front door is over the top of
the car, the rear door leads to the bedroom, but is not used.
Our sitting area is compact but comfortable.   We have cable TV and wireless internet
Roll cursor over picture for another view.
The kitchen is a good size with adequate storage and is fully equipped. French doors
lead to the patio.
Another view of  the room.  The dinette can be
extended to seat four people comfortably.
View of hallway to front door and bedrooms.  
View from the other side of master bedroom.
It is hard to get a good photo of either bathroom.  The master bathroom shown here has a
shower stall and a jacuzzi tub.  The second bathroom has a large shower stall.  Both bathrooms
are well lighted.  
This second bedroom can be made up either with twin beds or a king size
The other side of the

Santa Fe offers many different activities and festivals through-out the year.   Concerts, museums, skiing, hiking,
art, farmers and craft markets are available.  The most popular summer events include the Spanish market and
the Indian Market, open air theater and opera.  The city abounds with excellent restaurants, many within walking
distance of the condo.  Day trips could include visits to one of several Indian pueblos, Taos, Albuquerque and the
balloon festival in October, national parks and wildlife preserves.   

The  map below of Santa Fe shows our condo and the center of town at the plaza.  There is a great premium
placed on properties within walking distance of the Plaza and downtown restaurants and shops.
Bosque Del Apache is the migratory home to thousands of geese, cranes,
ducks and other birds from November to Feb each year.
One of our Favorite places to hike, Ghost ranch, is about an hour north of
Santa Fe.  There are many day hikes within minutes of Santa Fe.
The Taos Pueblo is an active indian community that is very interesting.   They practice their
Catholic faith in the church shown here, and their tribal traditions and ceremonies in their Kiva.
X Our Condo
X  The Plaza
The historic Governor's Palace faces the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe.   Indians sell their
jewelry here 365 days a year.  
View of plaza - there are four museums within a block of the plaza.  This is a December
photograph.   The luminaries and trees lights are illuminated in the evening.
We spent April 2011 overseeing the renovation of the patio.  The Contractor
replaced the pea stone and slate with bricks.   We put in a trellis to help the vines
grow and created a nice space for outdoor living.     
West San Francisco Street shops and restraurants
This is a 4th of July photograph of the annual pancake breakfast held on the plaza.  
Another view
Another View
Master bedroom and bath in background.