The snow finally melted
And a wet spring arrived.
Happily through all of this
The gardens survived.

We enjoyed flowers, herbs, veggies
And fruit through the year.
Some were preserved, some shared with
Raccoons, birds, and deer.

Family and friends have come in
Warm weather and cold.
For a birthday when I turned
Seven decades old.

Two grandsons were born and
A great-grandson too.
In March of next year a new
Grand-daughter is due.

We’ve taken several trips,
Some south for a test,
But find for now that we like
New Hampshire the best.

A  storm is headed our way,
More snow is forecast.
So this year’s Christmas should be
As white as the last.

All in all, all’s well here and
We wish you good cheer,
Happy holiday, health, peace
And a joyous New Year !!!!!!!!
    Christmas 2008

Hello Everyone,                   

A year ago at this time,
Snow lay all about.
That we’d have a white Christmas
Was never in doubt.

On through the winter it snowed,
Piling up until
The stream from the snow blower
Could not clear the hill.

The view from our windows was
A landscape of white.
Narrow paths and feeder tops-
No stone walls in sight.

We built snowmen and snowshoed
And cleared roofs of snow,
Felt unused muscles that ached-
Our cheeks all aglow.

In March Bob hung sap buckets
On trees with great care
To collect sap for syrup
That soon would be there.

After boiling and bottling
And not too much mess
The maple sugar was a
Scrumptious success.

(The ‘shack’ stands ready, wood stacked
For this year’s repeat
Only we’re hoping to double
Our last year’s feat.)