This was a lot of work.  Snow was three feet deep in places and I had to make the rounds in
snowshoes.    Carrying  five gallons of sap from tree to sugar shack can get pretty heavy, but I can't
wait to start up again this coming sap season. These old trees were prolific sap givers, usually full
buckets every night.    Below, Inger is putting wood in the firebox.  I have a couple of cords of wood
inside the shack ready for action in February.
This is our sugar shack, where we evaporate 40 gallons of sap in a day to make about a gallon
of maple syrup.    The building used to be attached to our house, but when we remodeled the
house, we had it moved to a spot near where the maple trees are.   I put the vent on the top, in
the traditional style of sugar shacks, to  let the steam out.   The shack below after the snowfall
on December 21, 08