It's time to wish everyone Happy New Year. The years roll by, don't they? A pictorial recap of 2002 follows.

Since retiring Bob has been able to research the history of our Connecticut house. He took this picture of it today. It was built in 1858 (in the style of an 1800 to 1830 house with its Greek Revival front entrance), by the Dowd boys, four of them, when they were in their 50's. None ever married and the last one died in 1892. It was a 100 acre farm during that time. There is a room for smoking meats in the basement that Bob would love to try out. We have thought about selling this house to simplify our lives, but we are having trouble leaving the old place.

Bob has been pursuing his photographic hobby more actively now that he has a warm, dry, darkroom. He also joined the 21st century by getting a digital camera. In January, he did a three day photo trekk (so called) in New York City; shot 15 rolls of film and got a half dozen photos that he liked. Had some great instructors. Part of the wall at Ground Zero is shown here. One of his favorite black and white shots is on our home website.

We had a year of visits from family and friends: March, Kate and Isaac (9 mos - picture below) came to Connecticut; April, we went to Seattle to see the Oldham sons and families; June, Chris, Ellen, Spencer and Carmen came to New Hampshire, (we started our vegetable garden with their help, and did a day trip to Kennybunkport, ME, picture below); July, Jenny, Archie, Sammy and Ally (sans husband Phil) came to NH (we went fishing), also visiting were the Brown's, friends from England; August, we saw Jan Woerheide, Patricia, Gary and Gretchen Deitrich; and in October, Amy, Bo and family came for a first time visit to our New Hampshire house.

In April, Bob drove to Clayton, Missouri to visit his home town, some 52 years after his family left there for Connecticut. It was a great trip, rich with memories. He was able to visit two cousins, Bonnie and Mary, whom he had not seen for 50 years, and thought he had lost track of forever. While the central business district in Clayton had changed, most of the other areas were much the same. It was amazing how familiar the streets there and in St. Louis were to him. His son, Rob, flew in from San Diego to be with him for a few days. They walked through schools and the apartment where Bob lived during WWII, which was being rehabed into a condo. They located the homes where his Mom and Dad lived as children. It was a "photo op" for both of them. They took pictures of the old cathedral and of the arch, and did some genealogical work at the Missouri Historical Society. While he was gone, Inger tended to her gardens in Connecticut.

After June and July in NH, we enjoyed August in Connecticut with a weekend off to Cape Cod to see Pete and Barb Birnie, Madison friends who have a place there. We clammed (see here), ate lobsters, browsed through lots of antique stores, attended a flea market in one of the few remaining drive-in theaters and kayaked.

In September, Pete and Barb joined us for a trip to Nova Scotia. Took the CAT ferry from Bar Harbor and went from one end of NS to the other. Visited the Alexander Bell museum which was a well done exhibit on his efforts to help the deaf. He gave his wife all the stock in his telephone company; giving birth to the epithet "Ma Bell". The place had a special meaning for Pete, as Bell had used Pete's great-grandfather's laboratory, near Boston, for some of his work. We enjoyed the fresh scallops, slower pace, rugged terrain and quaint seaside towns. Wonderful photo ops. Here is a shot of a fishing village near Peggy's Cove.

We had our Thanksgiving in New Hampshire in 18th century style, everything cooked on the hearth or baked in the beehive oven: turkey ( in the reflector oven), cranberries, turnips, potatoes, bread, pies and a vegetable casserole. Kate, Pat and Isaac joined us as well as Ruby Chen, Pat's sister. Everyone helped cook. Below is not the Thanksgiving meal but one we did earlier in November in Connecticut for the Herb Society. Unfortunately, unlike NH, the temperature in CT was about 60 degrees that day and we had to open half the windows in the house to let the heat out. Anyway, picture red woodwork and you have an idea of what our New Hampshire Thanksgiving day looked like.

We went off to Colorado to be with Kirsten and Don for Christmas. (The first of the year they will be moving to Pullman, WA where Kirsten will finish up vet school.) New Year's and January will find us back in NH. 2002 has been a full and wonderful year. We delight in our families and friends and are thankful for all of our blessings. We wish everyone good health, good cheer, and a very happy New Year.

Bob and Inger