Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Our
Family and Friends

We have had a wonderful year and are thankful to have our health and the blessings of wonderful children, grandchildren, and good friends in Wolfeboro, NH and Madison CT who have shared our good times in 2003.


We finally got some site work done on the "farm" in New Hampshire. Graded, seeded, cleared more trees, stumped



A week in Banff, Canada in July, with Inger's three children and two grandchildren; Bob’s birthday gift to Inger. The weather was lovely, the scenery spectacular, the hikes breathtaking, the train watching rewarding and the wildflowers a delight. One day was spent at the Calgary Stampede and on July 8 we celebrated Spencer’s 5th birthday. Before flying home we spent several days in Moscow, Idaho with Kirsten and Don in their new home. Rolling hills and open spaces, and fields of lentils.


Inger took a weekend trip to an Herb Gathering in Woodstock, Vermont which involved lectures, visits to various gardens and garden centers, meeting ‘herbies’ from other states and shopping. No picture as photographer Bob stayed home.







A trip in October to Raleigh, NC to visit Bob’s daughter Amy and family and to meet Melanie, born in March. Our route took us down through the Shenandoah Valley, stopping in Virginia to see Bob's nieces and their families, then east over the mountains through interesting towns like Blowing Rock and Black Mountain. We retraced our route on the return trip, stopping to tour the Biltmore Estate, visit a folkart museum, the Luray Caverns and the Green Dragon farmer’s market in the Amish country.





We are spending Christmas in Madison, our first in the last six years, as we usually go to New Hampshire. This may be our last year in the old house in Madison, so we thought we should be here.





Visits with family and friends, gardening, reading, taking pictures, fishing, sewing, eating fresh homegrown tomatoes, are some of the things we look forward to.

Bob and Inger

December 2003



a field, and the place is starting to shape up. We even moved Inger's pond and made it more attractive. Its full to the brim at this point and looks pretty natural. Inger and I can say we helped with the equipment - not!






A trip to San Diego in June to visit Bob’s children and grandchildren and to meet Claudia Rose Chen, born April 13. We stayed in Kate and Pat’s new house in Temecula, and saw a model of the home that Jenny and Phil bought and are moving into this month. We celebrated Kate Freas' graduation from college.



In August we went camping on an island on Lake Umbagog in northern NH/ME. The lake and environs, a wildlife sanctuary, are home to bald eagles, loons, ducks, moose, deer and fish, beautiful, remote and still wonderfully pristine. We fished, explored the river and paddled around the various lagoons and during the night were serenaded by the loons. We enjoyed the area so much that we returned for a long weekend in late September, this time staying in a cabin in an early 20th century fishing and hunting camp. Colder, drier, and serene. Saw a gorgeous Bald Eagle, soaring high above us. Bob can't wait to get back there next year. A wonderful vacation spot.






A hearth cooked Thanksgiving was celebrated with Chris, Ellen, Spencer and Carmen in NH. Spencer was hoping for snow but settled for the warmer weather and helping Opa with jobs involving the tractor. Yes, there's a turkey in the reflector oven, which was delicious. We also cooked a duck hanging on a string from the crane. Baked two pies in the beehive oven, top right.

Three or four days after Thanksgiving it snowed for two days, and the wind howled. We got two feet of the white stuff. We had to put snow shoes on to get to the barn.




We have more excitement in store in '04; son Rob and Kate Freas are getting married in San Diego.

If you are keeping track of us in an address book, please note that we have changed our Madison address to:

P.O. Box 1149
Madison, CT 06443