Our Recap of the year 2006


We spent most of the year finishing the renovation
and expansion of our home in New Hampshire and downsizing and consolidating our Madison household with our New Hampshire household. We end the year with thanks that the worst is over.

Everything in brown you see from this view is new construction which expands the old house in two directions and connects the house and the barn where we have our workshops and an extra bedroom and bath. The summer was spent relandscaping the yard and organizing the inside of the house. We had 20 wild turkeys that ate the grass seed about as fast as I
put it down.

La Fontaine Saint-Michel

We did get away for a two week trip to Paris in May which was great fun. We saw all the major museums and sites in Paris and did several day trips, like Versailles and Monet's home and gardens. I loved Paris.

We enjoyed visits with our children and their families during the summer when they came to New Hampshire. The children are growing up quickly.

Spencer catching frogs in our pond

We rode up Mt. Washington with Jenny, Archie, Ally and Sammy







We gave up our condo in Connecticut because our time there didn't justify the expense of it. We plan to stay at Waters Edge to be with friends in Connecticut whenever the occasion arises. We are developing a nice group of friends in New Hampshire, most of whom are transplants like ourselves. It has been nine years since we bought the house and property. Much has changed since then. Here's a picture of the place a few years ago after we built the barn.


In late August we traveled to Santa Fe, and the Four Corner's area for a week. It was a photo opportunity and a great trip. We were joined by Rob and his wife Kate which added to the fun of being out there. We particularly enjoyed Mesa Verde for its beauty and the history of the place.

Our family grew this year with the addition of two grandchildren, Joshua Chen and Cally Martin and a great grandchild (that's hard to believe) Mickey Moran, and all are happy and healthy.

Inger, Amy and Melanie, Joyanna, Grace, Jake and Cally (in the sling) who we visited in November.

Inger is busy creating gardens now that we have only one place to maintain. She has joined the board of the Friends of the Wolfeboro Library, has joined a book club and is working out at the local fitness center.

I resigned from my treasurers job at the Madison Foundation when we relocated, so, I volunteered to be the treasurer for the Wolfeboro Friends of Music and joined its board early in 2006. It is an organization that presents concerts during the Fall, Winter and Spring that provide classical entertainment up here in the puckerbrush.

Self Portrait in a mirror in a Taos shop window

I have also been busy in the workshop building bookshelves, and other odds and ends to finish off our remoldeling,as well as puttering around my office (trying to keep it organized), and cutting the fields and clearing the stone walls, and doing some photography when I get the chance.

2007 will be a fun year as we plan a month in Santa Fe in the spring and a trip to Europe after that.

We wish all our friends and family a wonderful holiday season and all the best in health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.

Bob and Inger